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Marti Miller Hubbell


Marti Miller Hubbell

With deep roots in the Vaquero traditions of rural San Benito county, California, Marti Miller Hubbell's paintings literally illustrate her life and her heritage. She lives on the ranch near Hollister, California, where her husband, John, was raised, and where they base their stocker cattle operation. The ranch where Marti was raised in southern San Benito County was homesteaded in 1882 by her great-grandfather, and is still being run by her parents and her brother today.

Drawing from a deep well of ranch life, Marti’s strikingly beautiful prints, from drawings and paintings of horses, cows, bulls, cowboys and dogs, are depicted in such an accurate and authentic, yet natural way, that the viewer longs to saddle up and ride along.

Marti, a self-taught artist, finds constant inspiration and subject matter around her, whether she's helping her husband in their day-to-day cattle operation, attending one of many local calf brandings, or just observing every day life in the country. With clever titles like “Wet Paint” (a gorgeous piece showing 3 horses crossing a river, and of course, one of them is a Paint) she illustrates that subject matter in a breathtaking style.

An award-winning artist, Marti prefers to work in colored pencil and oils, but she occasionally uses graphite, acrylics and is now trying out watercolor. She has a personal connection with her subjects as they are usually her family, friends and neighbors, in situations she has experienced first hand.

"The American West is my home, as it was the home of my ancestors. Witnessing firsthand its unforgiving hardships and its breathtaking beauty continues to give me profound inspiration. I try, through my art, to convey my passion and respect for the western spirit, for it is awesome!"
- Marti Miller Hubbell

Marti is a highly sought after illustrator of the Western culture and lifestyle and has numerous event posters and magazine covers to her credit, as well as having been featured in many equestrian and ranching publications.


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