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Mackey Hedges


Mackey Hedges

Mackey Hedges worked as a buckaroo his entire life and never made a dime doing anything but working with horses. Now, significantly past the age when most men look for a rocking chair, he continues being employed as a buckaroo, but also remembers a much simpler time for the cattle industry. As a way to help his children remember the lifestyle of a buckaroo when he was younger, he decided to write the rollicking fictional tale, Last Buckaroo. "I wanted them to know what it was like in the days when we had big crews with eight, 10 or 12 buckaroos on a crew and you camped in tipi tents," Hedges said. "Buckaroos are the guys who make 100 percent of their living working on the horse."

"Mac (Mackey Hedges) is a truly great storyteller, and I found myself hanging on his every word, just as I think you will do with this book" writes Robert Sigman, in the forward to Last Buckaroo. Sigman was responsible for re-publishing the book in 2008 and adding the gorgeous artwork of Joelle Smith. Her piece, Riata Man, graces the cover and a collection of her delightful sketches of vaqueros and gear are scattered throughout the chapters.

Here we feature both Last Buckaroo and Shadow Of The Wind, the long awaited sequel. In Shadow Of The Wind Hedges brings important generational background to the colorful characters created in the earlier novel, while providing readers with rich and authentic descriptions of Western culture and heritage. The exquisite art of Joelle Smith is once again featured.


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