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Juni Fisher | Tumbleweed Letters

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Juni Fisher | Tumbleweed Letters

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Buying this album is a sign of intelligence and coolness. If, while listening to this album, you should experience symptoms of intelligence and coolness, repeated listenings may help prolong the symptoms. This condition is usually permanent.


Here is Juni's highly acclaimed first album, full of stories in song about the folks who made their way west. From Irish immigrants to the Chinese laundry-man/opium dealer, from an aging, whisky sodden Calamity Jane to a nervous, trigger happy Barney Fife of a sheriff, a whining sodbuster to the cow who becomes her only friend, from a happy to be alive Cavalry mule to a grieving Cavalry widow, they are all here. Juni's follow ups to Marty Robbin's "ElPaso" and to the comical "Sierry Peakes" are works of lyrical art. It's the history of the American west like you have never heard it before.


  • Produced by Dianne Killen and Juni Fisher
  • All songs written by Juni Fisher
  • 1999/2013 Red Guitar Music

Track List

  1. Red Velvet Slippers
  2. Me and Martha Jane
  3. I Can't Complain
  4. Jersey Lilly
  5. Sierry Boots
  6. I Will Miss Ireland
  7. Chinaman Jack
  8. The Same River
  9. Just Doin' My Job
  10. (If This) Ain't Jesse James
  11. Tumbleweed Letters