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Jack Swanson | When Dallies Slip

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Jack Swanson | When Dallies Slip

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When Dallies Slip it can be a dangerous situation, and all of that danger and excitement is beautifully portayed in this exquisitely detailed print by Jack Swanson.


Artist Jack Swanson describes this scene:
"When a seven or eight hundred pound grizzly lunges against the reata and your horse is a little off balance, slipping the dallies might be a good idea - better than breaking your reata and releasing the bear. In this image, the ropers have cornered the bear in a small and dangerous area. The horse is reacting to real danger, as many a bear has gotten the edge and leaped on a horse's rear end, dragging him down. The best place to rope was in the open, but the old California vaqueros were reckless and headstrong. They welcomed danger, trusting their exceptional skill with the reata and their superbly trained horses."

Speaking of exceptional skill, all of that danger and excitement is portrayed in this exquisitely realistic and detailed image by Jack Swanson, now offered for the first time as a beautiful, high quality, fine art Giclee print on Archival Art Paper.

  • 33 x 19½ inches
  • Giclee on Archival Art Paper