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Dave Stamey | Twelve Mile Road

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Dave Stamey | Twelve Mile Road

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More than any of his nine prior albums, Dave Stameyメs latest is his most personal.


Dave Stamey has been a cowboy, a mule packer, a dude wrangler, and is now one of the most popular Western entertainers working today. He has been voted three times Entertainer of the Year, three times Male Performer of the Year and twice Songwriter of the Year by the Western Music Association, and received the Will Rogers Award from the Academy of Western Artists. Heメs delighted audiences in twenty states, and finds that he prefers this to being stomped by angry horses.

More than any of his nine prior albums, Dave Stameyメs latest is his most personal. "Itメs the best thing Iメve done," says the acclaimed Western musician. "Itメs more about my experiences in the ranching world and my history." He paints a vivid portrait of his rancher father, Bruce Stamey, in the title track, "Twelve Mile Road." The struggles and hopes of working the old home place in Montana are deeply felt. "I finished that song in the middle of recording, brought it into the studio, and taught it to the musicians," says Stamey. "We got it on the third take, which is a testament to the quality of the pickers that I had."

The rest of the albumメs 12 tracks seldom stray from the land and its hardy Westerners (and critters). "Song for Jake" commemorates one of Stameyメs mentors, Jake Copass, who died in 2006 at age 86. "Never Gonna Rain" bemoans the heartbreak of drought, "Blackjack Was a Mule" imagines the life of an ore-cart mule in the mines of Bodie, Calif. Though "Wild Sierra" was written more than 30 years ago, itメs dear to Stameyメs heart for being the first song he ever felt satisfied with to keep as a songwriter.

But in an album filled with highlights, "Sweetgrass County Line" stands out as the favorite. Stamey wrote it at a friendメs Montana ranch during a particularly green year and says the sentiment is a metaphor for how he feels about the nation. He sings: "This country is a friend of mine/ Its voice is a voice that I hear/ And when time leaves me behind/ I wonメt mind if it leaves me right here."


  • 2013 Horsecamp Music
  • Cowboy/Western Music

Track Listing

  1. Twelve Mile Road
  2. Blackjack Was a Mule
  3. Buckskin Horse
  4. All I Need Is You
  5. Song For Jake
  6. If I Had Money
  7. Never Gonna Rain
  8. Sage In Her Hair
  9. Bubba and the Goat
  10. Wild Sierra
  11. Comfortable Shoes
  12. Sweet Grass County Line

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