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CJ Hadley

C. J. Hadley's heart and her passion are in the American West. British by birth, American by choice, she left the coal and steel town of Birmingham, England, at the age of 17 and never looked back. As a travel writer/ photographer, she has circled the globe from Fiji to Siberia and ridden everything from camels to the lunar rover. Her many decades in publishing include freelancing for Sports Illustrated, Saturday Evening Post, Continental Profiles, and others, and as managing editor of Car & Driver, AutoWeek, and PC Computing. She was editor of Nevada Magazine from 1975-1985 and came to know and love the Silver State. She edited Silver & Blue for the University of Nevada from 1990-1996. When a group of ranchers asked her to produce a brochure about their work in 1989, Range Magazine was born.

Range Magazine is devoted to the issues that threaten the West, its people, lifestyles, lands and wildlife. Known for its powerful photos and straight talk, RANGE exposes a land and lifestyle in crisis and shows how daily challenges are being met with grit, determination and humor. No stranger to controversy, RANGE is the leading forum for divergent viewpoints in the search for solutions that will halt the depletion of a national resource, the American cowboy. More information and a digital preview of the magazine are available here: Range Magazine (link to viva page)

In addition to the magazine, CJ applies her considerable journalistic talents to book publishing. We carry two of her beautiful case bound tributes to the American cowboy here on Viva Vaquero; "Call Of The Cow Country," an entertaining and informative collection of true stories by bronc buster Harry Webb, featuring cowboys, Indians, outlaws, Will James, Butch Cassidy, Buffalo Bill, mustangs, coyotes, bobcats and lions!
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Another Range book, "Go West, the Risk and the Reward", written by C.J. Hadley and Rod Miller, offers stunning photographs accompanied by the saga of the West, from the Lewis and Clark Expedition to modern day ranches and buckaroos. This high quality, beautifully produced epic tribute to the Western way of life is the perfect addition to anyone’s coffee table or bunk house bench.
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