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Buck Brannaman


Buck Brannaman

Buck Brannaman is a master of natural horsemanship and the quintessential communicator of the art. In surviving a childhood characterized by considerable child abuse, he took solace in horses, and learned from his own experiences, to look at a situation from the point of view of the horse. Brannaman has written:

"I've started horses since I was 12 years old and have been bit, kicked, bucked off and run over. I've tried every physical means to contain my horse in an effort to keep from getting myself killed. I started to realize that things would come much easier for me once I learned why a horse does what he does."

In addition to amazing horsemanship skills, Brannaman's artistry with a rope a is akin to skilled painter handling a brush, illustrating both the practical, low stress techniques of capturing cattle in a ranch situation and also being able to perform a myriad of rope tricks (as he did in television commercials at the ripe old age of 6). Now a world-renowned horse trainer, clinician, author and motion picture consultant, Buck retains a close connection to his roots in the historic vaquero cowboy traditions of the west.


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